Our Communities Our Choices is an online platform that will help the people of Moray participate in decisions about how money is spent in communities.   This guide explains what each of the Our Communities Our Choices sections are for and how they work.  

  • Have Your Say
  • You Decide
  • Vote

  Have Your Say   In the Have Your Say section of the site you will be asked to present and share your opinion with other people on issues relating to Moray. It is also a place to generate and develop ideas that will help lead actions by Moray Council and partners.   You can also have your say on legislation and policies shared by Moray Council.   You can comment and evaluate other comments with the I agree or I don't agree buttons. For that you must be signed up to MyGovScot MyAccount.


You Decide   The You Decide, participatory budgeting section helps people make a direct decision on what public budget is spent on.   To participate in decision making you must be signed up to MyGovScot MyAccount. 



During a proccess, when a number of options or  proposals are available for spending the funds, we'll put it to a public vote. This is done via the Voting section.

To participate in the voting you must be signed up to MyGovScot MyAccount. If you've not done so already, you can register for one here:  

Signing up gives you access to a wider range of council services including:

MyMoray - provides customers with safe and secure portal - similar to online banking - where they can carry out a range of services such as reporting potholes, requesting additional bins, booking bulky uplifts and paying their Council Tax. - provides parents with access to a growing suite of online services, including information about a child's education and transactions such as applying for placement requests, paying for school meals and other non-meal purchases.